Team Moir gives you access to all forms of wealth creation. Our belief is that access to the highest quality opportunities to achieve your personal success is key. Your success is amplified with access to extraordinary proprietary wealth creation opportunities available with Mandeville Private Client Inc. and Team Moir.

Access The Extraordinary!



– Fee Based Accounts
– Separately Managed Accounts
– Tax Driven Strategies
– Alternative, Exempt Market and Private Equity
– Personalized Financial Planning
– Personal and Business Transition Solutions
– Personalized Retirement Planning
– Income and Cash Flow Solutions
– Commuted Pensions and Retirement Allowances
– Stocks
– ETF’s
– Bonds
– Flow Through LP’s
– Mutual Funds
– GIC’s
– Non-Registered cash and margin accounts
– RRSP’s; denominated Canadian and U.S. currency
– TFSA’s
– RESP’s
– RDSP’s
– Group Pension Plans


– High Interest Personal and Business Accounts
– Investment/RRSP loans
– Debt Management Solutions
– GIC’s
– Mortgage referral


– Segregated Investment Funds
– Annuities
– Universal Life
– Term Life
– Whole Life
– Immediate Funding Arrangement
– Charitable Gifting
– Critical Illness
– Group Benefits
– Extended Health Coverage
– Long-Term Disability
– Travel Insurance