Discipline and Management Team Moir


Team Moir believes that by following a disciplined framework in investment and wealth management, we will achieve complete success in your investment goals. By adhering to a structured wealth creation strategy, Team Moir can help you create wealth. To do this, clients and advisors alike must remember, and stick to, the Five Laws of Wealth Creation.

This belief is not just held by Team Moir, but by wealthy and successful investors all over the world. Billionaire Warren Buffett holds that:

“To invest successfully doesn’t require a stratospheric IQ, unusual business insight or any particular inside information. What’s needed is a sound intellectual framework for decision making and the ability to keep your emotions from corroding that framework.”

We here at Team Moir are both students and teachers of wealth creation. It is because of the wisdom garnered from the titans of wealth management that we have the confidence in our framework to remain disciplined and patient in our investment strategies. By partnering you with long term investment strategies which meet your personal goals and risk tolerances, we decrease the inherent stress that comes along with investing in what can appear to be a dangerous environment. By partnering with Team Moir, you can achieve discipline and feel confident in your wealth creation strategy no matter what condition the short term appears to be in!