Team Moir Philosophy

   Team Moir understands your needs:

TeamMoir-logo-blue-and-gold3 transparent1Protect your capital 
Grow your capital 
Create a sustainable income 
Minimize tax 


Your needs come first!

Team Moir does not have clients, we have partners. Our partnership is a relationship that is characterized by mutual co-operation and responsibility for the success of your personal financial life plan to achieve your future financial goals while enjoying life today.

We believe there is a dysfunctionality in the way the average Canadian has been led to invest. We asked ourselves if there was a better way to invest our hard earned money (our human capital) so that it can provide us with the lifestyle we dream of!

We are leading the way to change the how your investments work, we want your money to work hard for you! In a world where the commoditization of investments lumps you into a category, with no personalization, we bring the personal back into the personalized using our unique Team Moir investment and wealth management strategies.

Do you believe, like we do, that there is a dysfunctionality in the way you have been told to invest versus the way wealth generation should occur? Contact Team Moir now to invest differently!