TeamMoir-logo-blue-and-gold3 transparent1Here’s what our partners say:

A word from our founder and chairman Michael Lee-Chin:

Some more testimonials from our partners:

Tracey K

“John and Sean Moir have been my financial advisors for over 5 years. They have provided investment and insurance advice appropriate to my personal situation as a single mother and business professional. They work well together, complimenting each other in skills, knowledge and personality, making them a dynamite team! I respect their expertise, trust their advice, and recommend them as proficient, experienced and personable.”

Sadie B

“I have a special physical need that may require special attention in the future. The guys have shown me how to use the RDSP, access the CDSG/CDSB Federal programs and use the valuable Disability Tax Credit. These programs have greatly enhanced my savings and will provide me with an investment pool that will grow for my future needs.”

Hart J

“John has demonstrated superior understanding of financial strategies for wealth management. Unique and powerful strategy, especially for people in retirement or approaching retirement. John’s immense experience in investments and his skill in communicating to all levels of financial understanding, serve his clients very well. To top it off, John is very personable and has great ideas and connections for any field of interest.”

Anne B

“I have been a client of “Team Moir” for almost five years now. From the first meeting with John and Sean, I knew this is where I will find the answers to my personal financing matters. The confidence I felt in dealing with both of them is their openness, their philosophy, their guidance and their unbelievable commitment to me in the handling of my portfolio. This is what I value most. In addition to my trust in John and Sean, I have introduced my children to them in the hope they may follow along with “Team Moir” in the years to come.”

Eric H

“John Moir, along with Sean Moir (Team Moir) introduced me to financial planning, providing a wealth of information and financial advise that is helping me achieve a great level of success. Because of them, I know my future is secure.”

Gary L

“John and Sean have been extremely helpful in explaining and recommending ongoing investments in my portfolio. They have also assisted with my financial needs both locally and internationally.”

Benoit N

“Team Moir strikes a precious balance between mastering the background details and focusing on customer relations. They will adapt very well to different audiences in order to successfully deliver the message and product. The wealth of experience they bring to the table earns him the confidence from his customers.”